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Is a signed waiver required?

  • ALL participants must sign the completed waiver form release, hold harmless and indemnification agreement.
  • All guests under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by parent or natural guardian before experiencing Treetop Trek. As required by Florida Statute 744.301, only a natural guardian (natural or adoptive parent) may sign this waiver for minors. No other signature is permitted under this statute.

Form for Adults (18+)

Form for Minors (under 18 years of age)

  • Parents can purchase a guided tour for children 12 and under if they do not want to go on any of the courses with their children. Reservations required two weeks in advance. The cost for the guided tour is the cost of the course.

What is Treetop Trek?

Treetop Trek is an exciting, self-guided outdoor adventure park where visitors explore the world high up in the trees, having fun moving tree to tree and challenging themselves with thrilling elements such as tightropes, crab walks, jungle bridges, nets, and best of all, zip lines.

What are the hours?


Treetop Trek is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Closing times subject to change. Please call in advance for specific close times.

How much does Treetop Trek cost?

Chutes and Ladders        $24.95
Canopy Walk                    $39.95
Challenge Reloaded        $59.95
Black Diamond               $74.95
Zip Only                           $49.95

Prices do not include Brevard Zoo admission. You are not required to purchase Zoo admission to experience Treetop Trek.

For group pricing information Click Here.

We do not currently offer annual passes.

How can I purchase tickets for Treetop Trek?

Timed entry tickets are currently required for all courses but Black Diamond. Reserve today at For Black Diamond, reserve a Challenge Reloaded ticket online and then upgrade upon arrival. Trek accepts cash, MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards, and traveler’s checks. Personal checks and money orders are not accepted.

Is there an expiration date for online tickets?

Tickets purchased online will expire at the end of each year.

What does a Treetop Trek ticket include?

Treetop Trek tickets include admission to your purchased course. Admission to the Zoo is not included.

Is there a discount at Treetop Trek for Zoo members?

Yes, there is a discount for Zoo members with the Preferred or Premium membership. Learn more here.

Do you offer any type of discounts?

For special deals and discounts, click here.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Timed entry tickets are required. Visit to reserve a ticket. Groups of 15 or more can make a reservation by calling 321.254.9453×253. We do recommend that you come as early as possible and keep in mind that Friday, Saturday and Sunday are usually our busiest days.

Is there a charge for parking at Treetop Trek?

This is no charge for parking at Treetop Trek.

Is there a weight limit?

Maximum weight is 250 lbs as long as you can fit into a harness (maximum of 48” waist and 30” leg openings) and you are physically capable of such activity.

Is there a height limit?

All Chutes and Ladders participants must be between 36-60″. Participants of the beginner course, Canopy, must be at least 54″ tall and all other courses must be at least 56″ tall, which includes Challenge Reloaded, Zip Only and Black Diamond. For Challenge Reloaded, an arm reach of 72″ upwards is required.

Is there a minimum age limit?

Children must meet the height requirements and be able to properly use all safety equipment to experience the Chutes and Ladders course. Children 12 and under are required to have an adult chaperone with them on the Challenge Reloaded course. For the Canopy Walk and Chutes and Ladders courses, the adult chaperone can remain on the ground. Parents or legal guardians not participating in the course—just watching from the ground—are not required to purchase tickets.

What type of clothing should be worn for Treetop Trek?

Closed, secured, athletic footwear must be worn to experience any of the courses. Absolutely no sandals, flip-flops, crocs, slippers, etc. Treetop Trek admission will be denied if proper shoes are not worn. We also recommend that shorts be at least mid-thigh for comfort when wearing the harness and that longer hair is tied back.

What are the safety regulations?

Treetop Trek is a self-guided experience that is monitored by staff from the ground. Visitors will first be fitted for a harness and then participate in a 15-minute presentation that explains the rules of the course and how to operate the lanyard and safety claw. If a participant is unwilling or unable to follow safety protocols, they will be asked to leave the course and no refund will be issued. Protocols include, but are not limited to:

  1. Guests that are pregnant are strictly prohibited from participating.
  2.  Participants must follow all directions from Treetop Trek staff
  3. No participants are permitted on the course without proper safety equipment
  4. Course participants must be securely clipped into the red safety line at all times
  5. Taunting of animals, Zoo guests and other course participants is strictly prohibited
  6. No horseplay on the course
  7. In the event of severe weather, follow the directions from Treetop Trek staff for safe evacuation
  8. Only one participant at a time on ladders and zip lines

Even though our staff goes through extensive and ongoing training in safety techniques, as well as scenario rescue trainings, visitors are responsible for their own safety. Take your time on the course. We want you to have a fun, safe and rewarding visit.

Remember the course is physically challenging and weather can be extreme. Drink plenty of water before beginning the course.

What is the difference between the courses?

Chutes and Ladders – For the young ones, the Chutes & Ladders course includes 22 elements such as bridges, tightropes and zip lines.  This course takes at least 45 minutes to complete. Last admission is 3:30 pm.

Canopy Walk – Runs on the north side of the Zoo’s La Selva loop from the vulture exhibit to the yellow parrots for visitors at least 54” tall. This is an introductory course where visitors enjoy nature and part of the Zoo while walking 20 feet above the ground. Also included in the course are 21 elements and two zip lines. This course takes between 45 minutes and two hours to complete, depending on your skill set, time of day and the number of guests on the course. Last admission is 3:30 pm.

Challenge Reloaded – This course includes Canopy Walk plus multiple high-stakes elements and large zip lines at 40 feet above the ground. This course is for visitors at least 56” tall with a reach of 72″ needed. Fly more than 600 feet across the wetlands and zip by alligators. This course takes between 90 minutes and three hours to complete, depending on your skill set, time of day and the number of guests on the course. Last admission is 3:00 pm.

Black Diamond – This is course includes Challenge Reloaded plus several more challenging feature with a total of 41 elements and 14 zip lines! This is definitely our most physically grueling course, but it’s also the most rewarding. This course takes between 90 minutes and three hours to complete, depending on your skill set, time of day and the number of guests on the course. Last admission is 3:00 pm.

Zip Only – Want all the fun and excitement of Treetop Trek but in a quicker, easier package? Try our Zip Only course with nine thrilling rides around the Zoo at heights over 50 feet. This course takes between 45 minutes and two hours to complete, depending on your skill set, time of day and the number of guests on the course. Last admission is 3:00 pm.

How long does it take to complete Treetop Trek?

Depending on time of day and how busy we are, Chutes and Ladders is 30 – 45 minutes, Zip Only and Canopy Walk is 1 to 1.5 hours on average and Challenge Reloaded, Black Diamond are 2.5 to 3.5 hours on average.

Can I take a break if I get tired, and finish the course later? How do I get down if I get tired or cannot finish the course?

There is a “natural” break in the middle of the Challenge Reloaded course where guests return to the ground before ascending again. This is a great time to take a short break, use the restroom or get some water. However, guests may not return to finish the course on another day using the same admission ticket. In the event of inclement weather, emergency health concerns or some other reason a guest cannot complete the course, specially trained Treetop Trek staff are available to quickly evacuate individuals from the course. We hope that guests will honestly evaluate their health before attempting Treetop Trek in order to avoid the need to leave their course before completing it. There are no refunds if you are unable to complete the course for any of the above-mentioned reasons.

What happens if severe weather occurs?

Treetop Trek does close at times due to severe weather, especially in the summer. Severe weather can include winds exceeding 25 mph, tropical and/or hurricane storm conditions, lightning and thunder. When severe weather such as lightning and thunder strikes, participants on the courses will be evacuated (brought down to ground level) and all course activity will be suspended for a full 30 minutes. If no additional thunder or lightning occurs after 30 minutes, guests are allowed to resume course activity. If thunder or lightning continues, the course will remain closed. No refunds or rain checks will be offered if Treetop Trek is closed due to severe weather. You should call in advance if you are unsure of weather conditions at Treetop Trek or you can check the forecast or radar online at

What is the refund policy for individuals?

  • No refunds will be issued once a participant clears the Orientation Area
  • No refunds will be issued to guests removed from the course for failure to follow safety regulations
  • No refunds or rainchecks will be issued if the course closes due to inclement weather
  • Please make sure you read and understand our refund policy and are aware of the weather conditions before you plan your experience

What is the group cancellation and rescheduling policy?

  • Any cancellations and/or rescheduling requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the date of your reservation
  • In the event radar shows inclement weather approaching, customers may reschedule up until check-in time. If your group makes the decision to proceed, no refunds will be issued once a participant clears the Orientation Area.
  • If the course is closed due to inclement weather, no refunds or rain checks will be issued
  • No refunds will be issued to guests removed from the course for failure to follow safety regulations
  • Failure to cancel or reschedule a reservation prior to the required two weeks, resulting in a “no call, no show,” will be charged the full amount for the original reservation cost